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Unable to load xp pro after new motherboard install

By enjaytwo · 12 replies
Nov 24, 2007
  1. hi all,
    would appreciate any help you can give me. problem is i installed a new asusa8v vm se motherboard, restarted from cd drive, after a long pause files were loaded to windows installation folder but when windows rebooted, it started with the initial set up screen. help please. im going round in circles here.
    amd athlon 64 3700
    150gb hdd
    1gb ram
    cd drive
  2. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 923   +11

    when installing windows it will start from the initial screen about 3 times, the only time u hit any key is the first time after that it will go back to where it was and work towards getting finished. it is doing what it is suppose to.
  3. pdyckman@comcas

    pdyckman@comcas TS Rookie Posts: 527

    This is what I do when installing Windows to stop "the redundancy" syndrome. When Window's installation is reaching the point of "Windows will reboot in 15 seconds" and the red line is getting smaller...(be ready for this move)...the indicator light on your monitor is going to turn to the "no signal" color (amber) ..by this time the red line is only an inch long or so..push the button now and remove the disc. Snatch the disc out. The drawer may snap shut at any time here and you need the disc out at this point. Now the Windows intro. screen will run, and then you will see the light blue color of the new install in progress, the cursor arrow, etc. Go ahead and put the disc back in. The install will continue and finish like it should. A total install should only be a couple of gigs at MOST. I have heard of people seeing this thing go round and round and the size of their install is huge. I don't know why Bill Gates did not include this in his instructions. It works, every time.
  4. enjaytwo

    enjaytwo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks nick, this doesnt do that, it restarts the installation of files instead, and goes through the whole process again and again. just wont restart as it should. dont even see the "press any key "screen at all. thanks for the help though.
  5. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,431   +77

    Have you takem the opportunity to install the motherboard drivers at an early point in the installation where this is offered as an option? If not, you possibly have a situation where the PC thinks it cannot write to the HDD, so the installation restarts.
  6. enjaytwo

    enjaytwo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the tip, after trying 4 times i gave up, tried taking the disc out a varying times but still no joy, message reads "select proper boot device and reboot" and "insert boot media in selected device and press any key" i'll try again latr
    thanks again
  7. enjaytwo

    enjaytwo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi gbhall, this seems the likely problem, although i have'nt seen the option to install motherboard drivers only raid drivers by pressing F6 is this when to install motherboard disc? i'll try it anyway. thanks again for the help
  8. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,431   +77

    Try a google for 'load motherboard drivers during XP install' and you will find a number of problems similar to yours.

    As a rule F6 leads to an option to install any drivers necessary for XP to install, not just Raid. However, SATA drives count as a type of Raid for many motherboards and are, or were, a definite requirement to install XP.

    The most likely source of trouble would be that your HDD is using bios drivers for your original motherboard which are incompatible with your new motherboard, therefore the installation fails.

    Installing the correct drivers after pressing F6 would then be a complete solution. Good luck !

    P.S. other solutions involve a complete switch off rather than a 'soft' reset between installation phases so the bios picks up the new drivers. Another possibility is (gulp) you have fried some memory with a static charge during installation of the new motherboard. You could and probably should check memory by running memtest86 for an hour or two from a bootable CD or floppy if you have one.
  9. enjaytwo

    enjaytwo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks to all for the advice

    thanks everyone,
    it appears the problem is with the hdd, i hooked up an old drive i had from years ago and straight away i got the "press any key to boot from cd" which i never got before. i worked my way through all your tips tried loading drivers at f6 but couldnt find any device drivers to install, as a last resort i tried the old hdd and windows loaded no problem. i reformatted the original drive on another system and retried but still no use. looks like i'll have to get a new hdd.
    once again thanks for all the help and support. maybe this will help others.
  10. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 923   +11

    enjaytwo, glad u found u're problem, sorry it was not a simpler one.
  11. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,431   +77

    Drivers always come on a CD with a new Motherboard. If you lost that, go to the board manufacturere site and download them.
  12. enjaytwo

    enjaytwo TS Rookie Topic Starter


    thanks gbhall,
    i've got the motherboard disc but the only problem is which drivers do i have to write to a floppy so i can load them. thats the only option i get at F6 "insert disc at drive A"
    thanks anyway
  13. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,431   +77


    Drivers • ASUS PC Probe II • ASUS Screen Saver • ASUS Update

    Of these you will need 'drivers' - everything.
    PC probe will probably enable you to see temperatures etc - up to you
    screen save - ignore
    update - may give you a link to ASUS site for updated bios and drivers from time to time - ignore

    Typically a motherboard can need drivers for chipset, video, USB/network and other communication ports, sound, SATA and raid. Only chipset and SATA would possibly be required before XP is installed.

    In my experience, XP could supply it's own drivers for some of these, but chipset, Video, sound and SATA never.
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