Unable to play any games in my computer

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Operating System Version:win xp
Problem Application Name & Version:
Problem Hardware Make & Model:asus p4sgx_mx

I am unable to play any games in my computer.While playing games(eg:"THE HULK") my computer

returns to the desktop suddenly closing the game or a blue screen appears indicating that

"DRIVER_IRQL_NOT _LESS_OR_EQUAL",and the computer shuts down when the memory dump count in the

blue screen reaches 100.The screen also indicates to check the memory .Somebody kindly suggest a

solution for this problem.
The system information is given below..
Processor : Pentium 4, 1.72 Ghz
Motherboard : ASUS P4SGX-MX (sis650 chipset)
Ram : 512 MB
Operating system : Windows XP
Directx version : 9.0 (if higher version of the direct x (9) is installed then in the display tool after running dxdiag I find the message "Hardware accelarated direct 3d 9+is not available contact your hardware manufacturer ")

I am also attaching a directx file along with this posting.Kindly reply and help me out.




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Are you using an on-board graphics? Try to update your driver first. Use the driver CD included with your PC if you have it.
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bro i'm nt using any graphic card....it's all wat i got on my motherboard ( 64 mb)....
somehow i remove this error frm dxdiag:
"Hardware accelerated Direct3D 9+ is not available because the display driver does not support it. You may be able to get a newer driver from the hardware manufacturer."
but still the problem has occured wen i use to play counter strike 1.6....

i'm addicted of playing games.
so i need ur help as soon as psbl.

plz help me out.

also driver frm d cd is nt wrking and if i use 128 graphic card my computer does't not get started.
thats y i hv removed that Graphic card frm d motherboard.


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You will have to invest in an upgrade to your computer. Probably power supply, then graphics card, and memory.

Or simply play games your current configuration can handle.

Or perhaps it is time to get a new computer... or a nice used one.
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bro i wanna knw dat suddenly wat happen 2 my computer dat it doesnt wrking.........
infact it was wrking supwrb one night bfore getting all dese probs.........
wat happen 2 it man..........
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