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Unable to Read USB Flash Drive

By Comtrade ยท 31 replies
Jun 17, 2005
  1. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,729   +409

    Yes. My post right after his includes trying it in another OS, and somewhat of an explanation why. Expierence has shown that to work sometimes, but I don't know the technical reasons behind it. XP just seems to be a poor platform for resurecting dead flash drives.
  2. dmerrick

    dmerrick TS Rookie

    I have a usb drive that very rapidly goes back and forth between being recognized and not being recognized. It is not recognized long enough to follow Tedster's directions.

    How do I get this drive to stabilize long enough to reformat it or am I wasting my time and should I just trash it. It is a 4gb drive and my system is Windows XP. The same thing happens on every computer I try it on. Help!
  3. sliderule101

    sliderule101 TS Rookie

    In most cases do not format USB drives with standard Microsoft Format. Download the HP USB storage tool. It's free on the HP site.
  4. Elena

    Elena TS Rookie

    Unable to read USB drive

    The same happenned to me today, after I backed up all the files I needed on my PC and emptied my recycle bin. This is what saved me: Data Doctor Recovery Pen Drive. You can get it on http://www.datadoctor.biz/bak-d2.htm for $45.
  5. dmerrick

    dmerrick TS Rookie

    Thanks. I have tried the demo model of this software and it did not work. I hate to spend $45 on the software since I can buy a new drive for under $45. I may give it a try anyway. It will give me a tool if I have trouble with any other drives. thanks.
  6. alwaysAmission

    alwaysAmission TS Rookie

    hi i wonder if any1 can help me, my friend has given me a 2GB integral usb flash drive but has somehow formated it to show its capacity as a 1.44 floppy. it also shows up in my computer as two drives which i cant do nothing with. i tried everything i can think of but with no progress. can anyone help me revive this drive?
    thanks in advance as this website always manages to help me out of my sticky situations
  7. gauravbatista

    gauravbatista TS Rookie

    hey........please help me ...........u say that if the flash drive is not showing up anything than there is still some hope..........
    this is how my case is.......suddenly my usb flash drive have stopped working..........will u please help me....with lots of lots of respect...
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