Underground black market Atlantis disappears along with users' money

By Shawn Knight
Sep 27, 2013
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  1. Earlier this week it was revealed that Silk Road competitor Atlantis was closing for business – or more rather, was being forced to shut down due to unknown security reasons out of their control. Customers were given one week to...

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  2. Skidmarksdeluxe

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    Unfortunately these types of scams have been going on forever and will go on forever. The sad part is no one is immune to a scam and anyone can fall prey to a con. I hope they nab these bastards and throw away the key.
  3. The government needs to stop wasting copious amounts of money battling this "war on drugs."

    If drugs were legal, or regulated, there would be no need for illegal trafficking and the resulting gun violence (and scams like in the article). Prohibition of alcohol had the same effect, and alcohol is now regulated. I no longer use drugs, that includes alcohol. Out of all the drugs I experimented with, alcohol was the most dangerous. Alcohol is the gateway drug (not marijuana), lowering your inhibitions and making you more willing to try new things.

    Then the association is developed and many people won't even consider doing that drug again until they're drunk. Portugal decriminalized drugs in 2001. Drug use has declined, offering optional assistance to addicts rather than mandatory prison terms, and causalities have lowered.

    The information is a StartPage search away.

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  4. spencer

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    Startpage huh,you must care for privacy,nice . And I couldn't agree with you more;they won't legalize it though; it's a tool of tyranny they get a lot of money for putting people in corporate prisons. We imprison the most people in the world, this is a corporate controlled government that wants us 6 feet under that's why there is TOXINS in our food and water. And just to show how ridiculous this prohibition of bud is...the only country in the world that has bud completely legal with no restrictions is NORTH KOREA. And another substance dmt, is extremely illegal even though it occurs in everyone and is released when sleeping...the irony of this system is both sickening and hilarious.It 's illegal to be a biological being then? bud is bad for you but aspartame is good for you?

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