Unexpected Crashes Need Advice (Minidumps)

By jvance1215
Oct 30, 2008
  1. Hi everyone.

    I apologize if I've incorrectly posted here, but I have read most of the walk throughs for Stop errors and the like. I have done all accept flashing my bio's and defragging. Why? I am working in a professional environment and time has not presented itself for these options yet.

    We have recurring unexpected crashes, and I have gotten predominant stop messages such as: 0x100000d1. I know this is commonly a driver / memory / page file issue. Yet in the meantime, any help you guys could give in finding a specific cause in the minidumps would be greatly greatly appreciated.

    I've attached the last six minidumps below.

    Thanks very much

    PS: Stats are:
    AMD Athlon XP, 2083 MHz (12.5 x 167) 2600+
    Gigabyte GA-7VT600 1394 (5 PCI, 1 AGP, 3 DDR DIMM, Audio, LAN, IEEE-1394)
    VIA VT8377 Apollo KT600
    Windows XP SP2
    We are using various external audio hardware, which I can provide details of if necessary.

    PPS: Details of crashes:
    I work in a music studio and this problem in one way or another has been in the system since I started working here. The potential issues are staggering which is why I can't pin this damn thing down, and I'm not an IT guy anyways I'm an audio engineer who is pretty good with computers.

    We mainly use two pieces of software: Sonar 7.1, and Wavelab 5. We use a MOTU 2804 mk3 as our audio interface. Strangely the crashes seem to get "worse" sometimes and then not so much. Why it would be intermittent I have no clue. Alas, the system either abruptly shuts down, completely powers off and begins rebooting (automatically restart is On). Other times it might freeze and a force boot is required.

    I've started following all instructions here and updated mobo chipset drivers, vid card drivers, audio card drivers, audio interface drivers, network card drivers, ran MemTest, ran CCleaner. Alas I haven't been able to just start unplugging drives/devices (there are 5 total external HD's hooked up to the machine at all times...) or memory because again I am in a tight spot: the machine is used, albeit inefficiently, for professional sessions each day, so doing things like that would invoke a 'Critical Mass' situation, but if I cannot resolve this issue it will come to a reformat or something.

    Thanks again.
  2. Bobbye

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    I note you have been waiting two days for help. Sorry about that. I don't read the minidumps but the Event Viewer in windows XP is a great tool:
    To access The Event Viewer:
    Start> Run> cmd> type in eventvwr
    What you'll see:
    Description of the Event Viewer:
    Do this on each the System and the Applications logs:
    Click to open the log> look for the Error> right click on the Error> Properties> Click on Copy button, top right, below the down arrow and Paste here (Ctrl V)

    The should be an Error corresponding with stop messages such as: 0x100000d1. It will give us more information that just the stop alone. You will also want to find Errors corresponding in time to those 'unexpected crashes.'

    You can ignore the Categories 1 and 2. If you have a recurring Error with same ID#, same Source and same Description, only one copy is needed. You don't need to include the lines of code in the box below the Description, if any.

    Please do not copy the entire Event log.

    Since you mention several audio devices, we may find evidence that one or more of them are causing the problems. I will also mentioned that you sould make sure that your power supply is adequate to support all the devices.
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