Unidentified Network

Hi Guys,
Recently my laptop keeps disconnecting from the wi-fi and I get an error saying unidentified network, I try to troubleshoot, it tries to reset the wireless network adapter and then the computer freezes. After I reset the laptop the problem can happen again within a couple of minutes. The driver software is fully up to date and I have no idea what else I can do. It is an Acer Aspire 5750G running Windows 7. Please help it's making my laptop almost completely unusable


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Hey pillg7. A number of things you can try to narrow it down. When you lose the connection, see if you have the Internet led lit on both your router and modem, could be intermittent. If both stay on when it drops, you could disable the adapter and try using one of those USB adapters to see if the problem disappears. Is your wireless network secure?


There's no problem with a wired connection but it isn't practical to have it constantly plugged in
Good, that says the router is sane and the issue is with the WiFi device.
get the make/model of that chip, go to the PC vendor's site and fetch/install the latest driver.