Unusual colour behaviour with Samsung monitor

By JeddyB
May 16, 2009
  1. Hey, I have a Samsung 19" widescreen LCD monitor that I use for my PC. It is being run through HDMI but also works with VGA and typical TV inputs. (Model number LA19R71B) It works great and I enjoy using it although it has an unusual characteristic. The color of the monitor is fine whenever its in the native resolution (1440x900) but it seems whenever it rescales to a lower or higher than normal resolution, the color is extremely bright and strong and while there is nothing wrong with the amount of color when in native mode I would love if it had the same level of color as when its not.
    This is very apparent when I run a game, like Braid, that has no support for my resolution, so it attempts to rescale the lower resolution, but as it does, the colors become very strong and great. Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. vahnx

    vahnx TS Rookie Posts: 22

    Just a suggestion; try un-installing and re-installing your display drivers. Also, see if this happens in another OS such as a Linux Live CD.
  3. JeddyB

    JeddyB TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 30

    Thanks for the suggestions but I have experienced it with other systems like before I had installed Windows 7. One thing I found though is that it does have built in custom colour control, but for no apparent reason you can only adjust the colour in VGA mode and not HDMI. (note: I don't use VGA mode because the input is bad and it makes half of the screen sort of fuzzy) Also this isn't a problem for videos (use FFDshow video options) and it wouldn't be a problem at all if I could use Catalyst Control Center on Windows 7, but that's never really gonna happen until later and I don't want to reformat any time soon.
    Anyway, everything still looks pretty good without colour enhancements, so its nothing that big. :)
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