Upcoming feature will explain changes introduced by big Windows 10 updates


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Something to look forward to: Have you ever installed a major Windows 10 update and thought, “Right, so what did that do?” Microsoft isn’t always very explicit about what changes an update has introduced, but they'll soon become a lot clearer.

It’s often the case that the most noticeable changes a big Windows update brings are bugs in the system, leaving people to wonder why they even bothered. There are some new features that Microsoft highlights from time to time, but they’re few and far between.

In the new Windows 10 build 20190, which is now available to Insiders in the Dev Channel, Microsoft has introduced the post-update experience.

“We know that it doesn’t always feel clear what changed with a major update, or even how you can learn about and try out new features and improvements. This means that updates can feel time-consuming without real benefit to you, and we want to change that,” writes Microsoft.

“We’re introducing a new first run experience via the Tips app that highlights the most exciting changes on your PC after a major Windows 10 feature update is installed.” Users can jump back and forward between these cards, which show off the new features.

Microsoft notes that to see what changes an update has brought, Insiders have to ensure the “Show me the Windows welcome experience” checkbox in Settings > System > Notifications & actions is checked.

Elsewhere, the latest build brings an improved graphics setting experience, allowing users to specify a default high-performance GPU and pick specific GPUs on a per-application basis.

In other recent Windows news, we heard that Windows 7 is still found on almost a quarter of all devices, and Microsoft has removed driver updates via Windows 10’s device manager.

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I have seen NO benefit of any kind whatsoever from 2004 or the subsequent, very time consuming 'quallity' update that followed it. NONE. I did, however, see at least one change to my settings that I did not approve: One of the settings in the "notifications" area was changed from 'off' to 'on.' I wonder what other settings have been changed (privacy, Edge, what else?) I hate this VERY much.


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Windows update 20/04 crapped out my search feature and that was enough to set off a chain reaction of crapping out my build. I had to re-install Windows 10, and I'm sticking with 1909 until 2009 (stable).


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Windows 10 is basically a 'work is progress' Operating system. I will wait until they are done building it. till then I would stick to Windows 7. thanks.
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Windows 2004 requires a lot of systems to update the bios but isn't always good at identifying the ones that need it so check the motherboard manufacturer for a new bios before updating.