Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 4: FX-6300 Owners Club

Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

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There's definitely sound arguments for any of these rigs receiving the much-needed upgrade. Still, I'd give it to Gabriel, as he not only needs a platform upgrade but a graphics upgrade as well. May the most deserving rig win!
I voted for Alex because I think he will have more use for the upgrade, but neither the less may the needest pc wins
I understand that the FX 6300 isn't cutting it these days and is a serious bottleneck for many modern titles, but a lot of these rigs have decent graphics cards. All except poor Gabriel's "Deathstar". That upgrade package would do him nicely. I vote for Gabriel.
My no. 1 choice is Kevin and "Hayabusa", even though Gabriel and his "Deathstar" would profit most from the suggested upgrade (so sorry there Gabriel). However Kevin's PC looks awesome even now, and the upgrade will make it even more legit. Keeping the red color theme is a must in this case (no pun intended), and including an SSD even more. The CPU is simply the best choice here. Plus I like seeing the great gtx 980 in one of the best editions (FTW is simply FTW), good choice Kevin. Wish u luck.
Gabriel, That DeathStar needs an Upgrade Desperately. The FX-6300 and 750 ti Combo needs to rest in peace, and the Ryzen 5 1400 and GTX 1050 ti will make for a great Upgrade.
Voted for Zues cuz I like the RX series card combo with FX-6300, much like my own setup. Looks like the winner has already been decided but best of luck anyways!
Its a bit sad you can guess the winner bevorehand since its most of the time the pc with the worst spcs gests the upgrade ... Well you have my vote Kevin for a nice looking build and high quaity picures! I tried even if you had no chance Xd