Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 4: FX-6300 Owners Club

Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

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Kevin, I can feel you my man. I may have a Skylake i3 rather than an fx 6300, but with every coming day I can feel the frame jitter more and more.

Hope you win the upgrade so that your PC performs as good as it looks. ;)


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Good luck to everyone! Hope Gabriel wins, I'm struggling with a c2q q8400+750 and he's with a 750ti there :'(:'(
Good luck guys. I had to vote for Gabriel ‘Deathstar’ as I can't stand someone trying to play games these days with a 750ti


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I have a friend who recently upgraded from a 750 to a 1050 Ti and he was blown away like Alderaan, so I'm sure Gabriel's going to love the moon sized performance jump he'll get.
I'm going for McKay this week. Having had the system for 5 years and making some astute upgrade choices the remaining required hardware to bring the system into balance is at the heart of the matter and a new heart for content creation and CAD with 6 cores and 12 threads will really work well with the RX480.
Seeing a Noctua cooler on an FX6300 is the sort of choice that I can respect that adds a touch of class to what is otherwise a mongrel of a CPU.


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It never seems to go to the person I think deserves it the most, not to say the others don't deserve it of course, but still... Good luck to everybody participating! :)

John Willoughby

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Decided to vote for the Deathstar because with the components currently in it from the CPU and GPU, it'll be the Death to gaming and any cpu intensive task. Get that PC Upgraded!!! (From a former FX Series owner {FX 9590 to be exact})