Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 5: Dem Tings Wit Graphics

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My vote goes to Liam, I was tempted to vote for Andrew with his A* DIY case, but I feel like we have to break the cycle for poor Liam.


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My heart goes out to PotatoSama but I do appreciate that Civil Ironside is used for CAD work. Also, shoutout to Anduu. Nice case mod, eh?
We need to see some more Aussie contestants or applicants in general, I'm feeling sad that ain't being represented as much as I expected, this is an Aussie based channel afterall.


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How does PotatoSama play games at all? It feels like it's missing some core components. I hope Vince wins!
Nimer or Liam should get the upgrade.They already have good GPU's and storage and and with a new CPU they could build a very good gaming pc.It will be a waste of good components on the other systems.