Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 5: Dem Tings Wit Graphics


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Oct 6, 2017.
  1. Nimer ‘Darwin’ from the United States

  2. Vince ‘PotatoSama’ from the United States

  3. Liam ‘The Jigsaw Puzzle’ from the UK

  4. Andrew ‘Anduu’ from Canada

  5. Harris ‘Civil Ironhide Revised’ from Australia

By Julio Franco · 661 replies
Oct 3, 2017
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  1. twrpwr

    twrpwr TS Rookie

    Vince's "PotatoSoma" easily has my vote for most abused office stress reliever! lol :)
  2. NoobRegular

    NoobRegular TS Rookie

    Rooting for Liam, the poor bastard spending money and just having his hardware die so quick. Good luck mate!
  3. Linoleum77

    Linoleum77 TS Member Posts: 23

    Yes! First Canadian participant! Go Andrew go!
    Anduu likes this.
  4. Neojt

    Neojt TS Addict Posts: 230   +59

    Go Potato Go
  5. PanMan

    PanMan TS Rookie

    Raven Ridge soon?
  6. ThumpSpartan

    ThumpSpartan TS Rookie

    My vote goes to Liam, I was tempted to vote for Andrew with his A* DIY case, but I feel like we have to break the cycle for poor Liam.
  7. BluRockShooter

    BluRockShooter TS Rookie

    If god a Tech God exists, all of the old AMD APU/CPU would be replaced with Ryzen CPUs
  8. annasoh323

    annasoh323 TS Rookie

    My heart goes out to PotatoSama but I do appreciate that Civil Ironside is used for CAD work. Also, shoutout to Anduu. Nice case mod, eh?
    Anduu likes this.
  9. Lochlan G

    Lochlan G TS Rookie

    We need to see some more Aussie contestants or applicants in general, I'm feeling sad that ain't being represented as much as I expected, this is an Aussie based channel afterall.
  10. dannaz

    dannaz TS Rookie

    Wow PotatoSama is awful, that's earned my vote.
  11. Neal Arden

    Neal Arden TS Rookie

    I'd like to vote for Vince's "Potatosama", so that he can get out of the Potato master race.
  12. TigerShadow

    TigerShadow TS Rookie

    Damn this is so hard, none of them deserve to game on their current systems...
  13. Zelement

    Zelement TS Rookie

    My vote goes to Harris. Gotta respect his school and CAD uses for his PC.
  14. Shreyas

    Shreyas TS Rookie

    Good luck Liam! After all the trouble you've gone through I hope you can finally catch a break and win! :D
  15. Voivid

    Voivid TS Rookie

    How does PotatoSama play games at all? It feels like it's missing some core components. I hope Vince wins!
  16. fernandovilches

    fernandovilches TS Rookie

    I can feel the pain of vince when he plays with potatosama. But we all know that he will be the winner!
    DiJonKariz likes this.
  17. carlosmgr

    carlosmgr TS Rookie

    Voted for ‘The Jigsaw Puzzle’
  18. ErikNZ

    ErikNZ TS Member Posts: 46   +10

    Liam gets my vote, such a run of bad luck with (AMD) parts failing.
  19. psychameron

    psychameron TS Rookie

    Wow Liam riped so much hardware, so unlucky
  20. Sirron

    Sirron TS Rookie

    Liams bad luck has to stop somewhere. Maybe he should look into a UPS. Smooth out mains problems.
  21. sczeeman

    sczeeman TS Rookie

    The guy "trying" to game needs the upgrade the most. Go potatosama!
  22. Teemo4Life

    Teemo4Life TS Rookie

    I vote for PotatoSama

    Let the man game. He cant do it with his obsolete A10 xD
  23. Grainger26

    Grainger26 TS Rookie

    I thought that Harris ‘Civil Ironhide Revised' deserved my vote
  24. Hop Tzop

    Hop Tzop TS Rookie

    I've cast my vote. Good luck guys!
  25. xZondor

    xZondor TS Rookie

    Nimer or Liam should get the upgrade.They already have good GPU's and storage and and with a new CPU they could build a very good gaming pc.It will be a waste of good components on the other systems.

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