Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 5: Dem Tings Wit Graphics

Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

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Potatosama gets mine, great contest, looks like me my 3750k I got in 2013 still has life left..
I swear the winner each week is always the most potato, nothing against that but you can kinda guess who wins every week from this pattern.

So instead I'm gonna vote for Harris because he needs an upgrade for his CAD work and that Centrecom PSU looks flaky as hell. My guess is that Vince will win though because his specs are the poorest, and he isn't getting the typical Ryzen 1600 upgrade like everyone else was suggested.:cool:

Gl to everyone.:)
I think Civil Ironhide Revised could use the upgrade here for the CAD work needed. Good thing no Bristol Ridge are considered as an upgrade. :p
PotatoSama becose integrated sucks, I used to play gta iv at 800x600 lowest settings on intel hd 4000, the joy of having a real graphics card :D