Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 5: Dem Tings Wit Graphics

Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

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The AMD APU struggle from before 2017 fells so painfull from today. So I hope PotatoSama becomes a Potato masher.
I voted for Harris. Honestly, I couldn't decide who deserved to get an upgrade so I picked one randomly, but I would say that a psu update is always fairly high priority. Good luck everyone!
Vince, nice Potato you got there mate!
An APU with single channel memory, no dGPU and no SSD. You get my vote bruh!
Nice episodes. I voted for PotatoSama. I love Emulate Consoles in my pc, but My Pc tooooo... old, AMD Sempron is my processor. It's been a good processor but now, I need a good processor to emulate the latest emulators. Please, Upgrade my old Pc!!! I'll be happy and thankful with you, byee!
Vince here is my vote to you, I also don't have a dedicated graphics card running on intel hd 2500 graphics.
Vince really deserves an upgrade. The poor guy doesn't even have a graphics card. Hope he wins the package! Good luck all with the lucky draw!
Vince (Potato sama) you will win buddy,
After you win it's time to change the name of you gaming PC like 'BOLT'
PotatoSama is the most in need. I mean, come on guys, no dedicated GPU? Ouch. Gotta get that fixed.
Yea apus like that do kinda suck for newer games at good frames..but yea another one that still plays fc3 :D luck to all
Got a better idea..instead of giving liam an new ryzen build..lets give him an award for the "most killed amd hardware ever"..like seriously..ok ive killed hardware but come on! how? XD so kinda think liam has this one