Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 6: Core 2 Quad Land


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

  1. Andrew ‘Due Retirement’ from the UK

  2. Mitchell ‘Blue Lightning’ from Australia

  3. David ‘The Dyson’ from the UK

  4. Bruce ‘Rockin Da Oldies’ from the United States

  5. Francis ‘Hot Tomale’ from Canada

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By Julio Franco · 695 replies
Oct 10, 2017
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  1. Shirogane

    Shirogane TS Member

    My vote goes to Due Retirement ! But good luck everyone anyway :)
    Berserker07 likes this.
  2. Aphidness

    Aphidness TS Member Posts: 19   +7

    I voted for Francis to justify the purchase of a cool Corsair SPEC case to his girlfriend.
  3. Jayden16

    Jayden16 TS Rookie

    'Due Retirement' has a lot of character, you've got my vote! Good luck!
    Berserker07 likes this.
  4. Matt Baumaister

    Matt Baumaister TS Rookie

    I’d love to see Bruce win! His PC would be complete with the upgrades.
    Hector N Ortiz likes this.
  5. Broncos Man

    Broncos Man TS Rookie

    I'm gonna have to give it to Mitchell,it's his first build ever and yet it's so underpowered,I feel bad for the lad. Hope you at least got a good deal on those parts,buddy!
  6. Raees Ebrahim

    Raees Ebrahim TS Rookie

    I can relate most with 'Due retirement', it's a tough struggle.
    Berserker07 likes this.
  7. budgetgaming

    budgetgaming TS Rookie

    Lga775 master race, LUL. Still using that platform, still rocking hard XD
    WhackedMoss3 likes this.
  8. manolet

    manolet TS Rookie

    Due for the win
  9. st0n3

    st0n3 TS Rookie

    Good luck ‘Blue Lightning’ !
  10. E Chief

    E Chief TS Rookie

    I can't go past the second hand build, as mine is the same ...
  11. sczeeman

    sczeeman TS Rookie

    'Rockin Da Oldies' sad story got my vote.
  12. Ectoska

    Ectoska TS Rookie

    Hope either David or Andrew wins.
    Berserker07 likes this.
  13. Hshmt Akira

    Hshmt Akira TS Rookie

    Andrew's Due Retirement case is awesome I like that retro look. This line up is quite hard to pick, but anyway good luck.
    Berserker07 likes this.
  14. Dark Phoenix13

    Dark Phoenix13 TS Rookie

    Gotta love these episodes man
  15. RuDyS

    RuDyS TS Rookie

    Wow...surprised no one from these were using intel gma or hd graphics : P
  16. Nola42

    Nola42 TS Rookie

    Man, everyone could use an upgrade lol good luck folks!
  17. uREJT

    uREJT TS Rookie

    Hot tomale, ryzen plz
  18. Sarthakdhir

    Sarthakdhir TS Rookie

    Mitchell's blue lightning is in need of some serious updates. My vote goes to Mitchell
  19. Sarthakdhir

    Sarthakdhir TS Rookie

    Mitchell's blue lightning is in need of some serious updates. My vote goes to Mitchell
  20. Tim van Dongen

    Tim van Dongen TS Rookie

    I hope Bruce will win, his parts are old but better then my own parts.

    When can inhabitants of the EU join ?
  21. William Tran

    William Tran TS Rookie

    Lovin the hot tomale tho
  22. Kenjo

    Kenjo TS Rookie

    Clearly hot Tomale ... you should never be stuck having to beg your GF/Wife for upgrading your rig ;) even worse having to take hand me downs from Their parents... !!!
  23. JP du Toit

    JP du Toit TS Rookie

    I voted for Mitchell, but looks like Andrew is winning so far. Good luck to all of you!
  24. Crissyfox

    Crissyfox TS Enthusiast Posts: 70   +22

    Lol I think my graphics card disqualified me for this giveaway XD
  25. Atinder

    Atinder TS Rookie

    Best of luck to all....I hope that needed one will wins and deserves really

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