Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 6: Core 2 Quad Land


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

  1. Andrew ‘Due Retirement’ from the UK

  2. Mitchell ‘Blue Lightning’ from Australia

  3. David ‘The Dyson’ from the UK

  4. Bruce ‘Rockin Da Oldies’ from the United States

  5. Francis ‘Hot Tomale’ from Canada

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By Julio Franco · 695 replies
Oct 10, 2017
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  1. mark316

    mark316 TS Rookie

    Voting for Andrew to give the his Senior Citizen PC pension benefits ;). Hope this contest would go global, though, soon. My FX-4100 is about to retire.
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  2. Corstian

    Corstian TS Rookie

    Goodluck everyone
  3. walentaz

    walentaz TS Rookie

    This week it's a bit more competitive, but my pick goes to Andrew.

    Also, I'm not sure if it's already worth suggesting 8400, with Z370 where you basically waste ~$50 which could be used elsewhere (like new PC case)
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  4. Nick01

    Nick01 TS Rookie

    Good luck to all my pc brothers, you all deserve to win. May the best patato win.
  5. MyNameIsMud

    MyNameIsMud TS Rookie

    Them cable managements :p
  6. Rayner12

    Rayner12 TS Rookie

    Wow. Too many people deserving to win :( It really is a hard choice this week. Good luck to everyone!
  7. Harman singh

    Harman singh TS Rookie

    Steve if its possible for you make video on 1st to 3rd gen i7s.
  8. aeivd

    aeivd TS Rookie

    Good luck Francis ... hope your win and your girlfriend won't beats you up for participating
  9. Corstian

    Corstian TS Rookie

    This time its was harder to choose but I think Mitchell deserve it more the Andrew because Andrew has ssd's and Mitchell not but thats my opinion.
  10. Dingleberry

    Dingleberry TS Rookie

    Voted :]
  11. BluRockShooter

    BluRockShooter TS Rookie

    Look at all the same bretherin processors we have here, I can actually feel happy about my current processor to have the same as these contestants haha!

    Good Luck!
  12. Fellers

    Fellers TS Rookie

    Love the choices in this week's episode! Due Retirement gets my vote for that sweet case haha
    Berserker07 likes this.
  13. JCKillerOfEvil

    JCKillerOfEvil TS Rookie

    Good luck to all, does anyone else have to re-watch the video to decide or am I just putting too much thought into this.
  14. John Willoughby

    John Willoughby TS Rookie

    • I have to vote for Francis' ‘Hot Tomale’. I would assume that if his girlfriend has watched this episode, then I'd bet money that she's not an ex girlfriend so he will be needing new parts. In the off chance that he isn't single yet, lets help him out and test her commitment to him and see if she is serious about being against him wanting new pc parts for free. I sure would take any pc part if I didn't have to shell out anything for it, but thats just me.
  15. TCSwagz

    TCSwagz TS Rookie

    Andrew's pc has to get it mate.
    gtx 660?
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  16. Kevin Van Neste

    Kevin Van Neste TS Rookie

    Nice for the guys to win a decent upgrade core 2 quad is ancient...
  17. ed samuels

    ed samuels TS Rookie

    Andrew gets my vote. Love this series.
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  18. ZombieSonar

    ZombieSonar TS Rookie

    Baaaruuuce! yeah with the 390 he sees the best choice as his card and the upgrade would last him a fair while indeed. The others are all too potato all over to really make the most out of it.
  19. Alec Alder

    Alec Alder TS Rookie

    Man I can't get past that case. So wavy.
  20. kifinas

    kifinas TS Rookie

    Good luck Bruce!
  21. Nalin5190

    Nalin5190 TS Rookie

    Voted for Andrew. Seems the lad has the most experience building computers and can put it to good use!
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  22. Kaziris

    Kaziris TS Rookie

    I voted for Mitchell. Wish him good luck.
  23. Phantumix

    Phantumix TS Rookie

    Good luck fam
  24. jmcudk

    jmcudk TS Rookie

    While bruce is one of the most aussie names an honorary "ex pat" could have, gotta go with the actual aussie as always, good luck peeps
  25. NavonilM

    NavonilM TS Rookie

    Man this week is hard to choose form....I just choose the "Blue Lightning" because looks cool....but good luck to everyone..looks like this will be a close competition....

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