Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 8: Just Random PCs!

Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

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TS Rookie
This week my vote goes to Andrew's "Bezoar" pc. That 460 looks very nice but it's also very slow for today's games.


TS Member
That video segment of the peeling plastic for the White Knight just made me chuckle so hard. Goodluck to you Scott.


TS Rookie
Good luck all. So does entrants in this comp have to have a pc that "needs upgrading"? What happens if you already have a decent pc but want to upgrade something in it?

Muthu Kumaran

TS Rookie
My vote is for the 'COFFEE POT', FX 6300 in 2017 is a NO-NO(At least for me). Hope he wins and surprises his GF with the upgraded new Ryzen PC !


TS Rookie
Voted for White Knight.
Good Lord, I feel the pain with your FX-series CPU and the ancient GPU, as my CPU is a Bulldozer too. Plus, I recently invested in a GTX 1050Ti to replace my age-old HD6670 with only 1GB VRAM.

Joe Knight

TS Rookie
I use BrainSync tech to watch each episode of Upgrade my Pc feels smooth and no tearing esp when tired.Cheers to everyone.

Matthew James

TS Rookie
I was kinda torn between the 6300 and the 8120, I mean, even though the 8120 has 8 threads I see it struggling even against a 6300, I don't know though


TS Rookie
Not an easy decision, I ended up voting Coffee pot because of the significant pump in both cpu & gpu.