Drivers Upgraded to Windows 8 on Gateway computer

I had a touchscreen on my Gateway ZX series computer. It had a touchscreen and was wireless. After loading windows 8 my touch screen no longer works, my printer won't scan to computer and I can longer get to my banking information. There's other things that may be affected too but these are the main ones. Everything worked beautifully before I upgraded. I've tried troubleshooting and googled for hours. I found nothing specific to Gateway. I tried to download drivers but that failed to. I would love some help. Thanks!


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Whenever you install an operating system you will have to install device drivers afterwards. Ideally you should check to see if compatible drivers exist before you change your operating system. If so, you can download them in advance and have them available on a USB flash drive or optical disk when you are ready. If the Gateway website does not show any Windows 8 compatible drivers for your PC, you might have to reinstall your previous OS.

Does the PC in question have an internet connection? If so, see if Windows can find drivers through the Device Manager. I don't have Windows 8 so I can't be sure of the specifics of how to do so.

When you say you failed to download drivers, what exactly do you mean?
Gateway is a mixed mess of information over these drivers. The official was 2-3 days on Oct Nov 15th now and no drivers. The best you can get with Windows 8 is one of the 'consumer preview' pre-release versions. The actual hardware behind these screens is NextWindow and is the same as an all-in-one acer series.