Upgrading my PC, will I have problems?

By technodean
May 11, 2011
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  1. Sorry if this is long but here goes, last year I had my 6 year old pc updated by a local shop to a dual core pc. Its had a ASrock G31M-VS2 mother board with an intel e3300 2.5ghz processor & 2gb geil ddr2 pc2-6400 ram which i bought another 2gb matching and installed. I installed a Radeon HD 4350 card (don't do gaming just for photo viewing and edits) which is great with my benq led monitor. recently upgraded my psu from 250w to 500w. I have overclocked this to 3ghz which has made everything so much more responsive. never goes over 44c when under load video coding etc, 35c normal tasks. My dilemma is this, I used the crucial memory program which said I could use a pc2-8500 1066mhz. So purchased a pair of 2gb corsair dominator pc2-8500 (not arrived yet), now found out my board is 800mhz, will the ram slow down to this or will they not work at all? also bought but not received yet is an intel e6700 3.2ghz 45nm processor, is it worth changing my e3300 for this or sell it on and today bought the artic freezer pro rev2. any suggestions, help is much appreciated.
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    The RAM will work if its compatible with your board, which is should be, and default to 800 MHz. In fact most 1066 MHz RAM wont automatically run at that speed. Its going to be similar to Overclocking your CPU, increase voltage and frequency. Most motherboards have can do this lest it be some OEM hardware in a Dell or HP. Your Asrock will be fine. Now for the interesting question, where are you getting all these old parts and where are you buying theme?
  3. technodean

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    Thanks for the reply. all parts I have put in my pc and bought are new except the ram if it ever comes. Got my cooler today from amazon but waiting for the e6700. all the reviews for the e3300 are always good especially on clocking and the low temps so am concerned whether I should change it to e6700 when it arrives?
  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Definitely. The E6700 has four times the cache memory, which makes a major difference performance-wise.Temps-wise though it will run hotter than the E3300, but not significantly so, especially if you're going to use an aftermarket cooler.

    I'd recommend the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus instead of the Freezer 7 Pro; much better cooling performance, and with a good fan like the Scythe SFF21F and TIM like AC MX-4, you probably can get 4GHz out of the E6700 easily and keep it relatively cool in the process.

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