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May 28, 2008
  1. Hi, I currently have an AMD 64 Athlon processor, can i upgrade it to a newer version of the same processor, (e.g. the dual core version,) or is there something else i need to know about my current processor before i can upgrade it?

    Thx alot
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    You need to know whether or not your motherboard will support the new processor. Also, take care of the type of CPU socket you have, since you can only buy a CPU built for that socket. Also, your motherboard might need a BIOS update depending on what CPU you want to install in it. All the information will be available on the motherboard manufacturer's webpage for that particular motherboard. If you have an OEM PC from HP or the like, then you need to go to the page for your specific computer's model and see what CPUs you can use in it.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes. :)
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    How do i find out what mother board i have?
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    The motherboard manufacturer should be able to tell you the max CPU your system can accept. Also bear in mind you may or may not need a BIOS update. If you have never done a BIOS update ensure your read the updating BIOS guide in the guides forum first to avoid a disaster.
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