Build a PC UPS no longer charges


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About 1 year ago i bought UPS ( Discovery ), it has three outputs ( 220v - 3.6A ) and the input is 220-240v - 6A max.
Anyway, i have my PC, screen, router and surround system connected to it. AT first, when electricity goes down, the UPS used to give me around 5 mins of electricity which is more than enough to save work and turn off PC, but about 2 months ago it stopped charging for some reason, and now when electricity goes down, the UPS immediately shut down. I disconnected everything from it and let it charge for more than 48 hours but it didn't work.

What would be the problem ?



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We have about 100 or more APC's here 110v and the batteries normally sound an alarm when they go bad (anywhere from 1 to 2 Years). Our server batteries last considerably longer and of course are more expensive.
Does the Discovery have that ability?
battery replacements run from $30 to 70 depending on size.


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Usually when electricity goes down, the PC works on the battery and it starts sounding an alarm until i shut it off ( after i shut down my PC ofc ), but now when electricity goes down the UPS immediately shut down.


Battery is the most common culprit for UPS.
if you have voltmeter try testing your battery and you'll know.

good luck.