USB device in "safemode" in lack of correct translation

By Sernomicus
Sep 15, 2008
  1. I'm the same guy who posted about the usb devices stopping to respond after unnormal shutdown. Most of my specific usb ports don't recognize certain usb devices after a power blackout or sometimes just unplugging the device. Anyway, the computer finds the usb device when plugged in, but does not recognize it and states it's in what I'll call safe-mode since I don't know the right english term. Anyway, it proposes reinstalling drivers for these devices. In most cases the cds have been lost or forgotten when I moved from home, and searching the net it states not finding any better suited drivers.

    I have noticed that shutting the usb-root thingy that controls the ports, and putting it on again will after reboot revive the device. This is very annoying though. There's also a window that sometimes pops stating "remove the device safely", although having looked at it, it shows no indication as to how to do so. I've also been told that usb devices should be safe to remove just by unplugging them. Are there any instructions you can give me how to prevent the comp losing the identity of the device?
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    After a power surge a computer's motherboard USB ports can be the first things to actually go
    There's really nothing to say, except you need a new ne Motherboard
    If it's a PC then you could purchase a PCI addon USB card (they're very common)

    That could help, and then just disable the onboard USB through Bios (CMOS Setup) and use the addon card only
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