USB drive disconnects moments after plugged in

By Rod23
Oct 5, 2010
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  1. USB 8 GB Flash Drive worked fine for over a year but now disconnects moments after plugged in. Tried to plug in the flash drive both XP and Vista operating systems. The PC will issue the tone indicating that it recognizes that a device has been plugged in to USB port and the light comes on indicating power to drive, but PC will instantly issue the tone indicating that the flash drive has been disconnected. Drive info does not appear in Disk Management window and the My Computer screen will briefly show 'Scanning For Object' but the disconnect tone sounds before icon can appear.

    I don't have a full backup of all information on drive. Is there any way to force drive up long enough to transfer information or any recovery software that I can try?
  2. Medic8ed

    Medic8ed TS Rookie


    I have exactly the same think happening with a ScanDisk Cruizer 32GB thumb drive.
    Did you find out what the problem is?

    Tried on 3 separate computers running XP/7 same behaviour. Took the drive apart and re-soldered all the components so it isn't a faulty connection.

  3. Rod23

    Rod23 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply, I thought that I'd violated some website protocol and that this community was avoiding me.

    One of the Tech-guys at work suggested that it might be a virus that changes the drive letter on the device. Unfortunately we can't keep it up long enough to scan for anything. Can't remember the virus name that he suggested. When I return to work after Thanksgiving weekend, I'll try to get the name and post it.

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