USB Flash Drive problem(s)

By DeltaPhoenix
Mar 4, 2009
  1. Hi.
    I have this USB Flash storage device. (4 gb)
    When i insert it into my computer, it tells me to format it.
    Fair enough, no data on it at all.
    BUT (there's always a "but")
    When i press "format" from the right-click menu, it says:

    Free space: Unknown.

    ...Which causes it to fail formatting.
    How can i fix that?
  2. touch

    touch TS Rookie Posts: 978


    Some usb keys or flash drives have a little switch that locks it & makes it read only. Try looking for something like this. If you have one, switch it off.

    Otherwise -

    Go to Control Panel - Admin Tools - Disk Managment - Wizard will - Init the Disk, Assign Drive Letter, and Format
  3. kimsland

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