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By shawnogbomo
Dec 17, 2009
  1. hey yesterday i bought a relay 4gb usb from staples everytime i open it it says this disc or device contains more than one type of content then it would let me choose what i want to do from the menu but today i downloaded avast antivirus home edition and i scanned my computer then it said virus detected autorun.exe and i deleted it and i didnt know what it was for so then i opend my usb again and it says failed to load autorun.exe so i tried to fix it but i made it even worse i moved random autorun.exe files into my usb and overited the one that came with the usb the menu wont even come up when i open the usb its spose to show the removable disk menu can someone help me restore my usb back to normal please thank you
  2. mailpup

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    Try System Restore.
  3. shawnogbomo

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    The antivirus probably disable autorun/autoplay. It's a handy feature (but also a common method to accidentally spread a virus which infects the autorun files on a USB drive)

    But if you want to restore it,
    > Delete the current autorun.inf and autorun.exe files on the USB drive
    > Run the Autoplay Repair Wizard
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