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By ruuga
Mar 12, 2009
  1. Help!
    My PC will randomly freeze when i plug in my flash drive. It also happens when i try to copy a file or run applications like WinRar. Also when i try to boot my PC with the flash drive plugged in, IT freezes!

    What should i do? :confused:
  2. tammyncook

    tammyncook TS Rookie

    See recent post "problems after using SanDisk flash drive" by me.
    I have had a host of problems after using a flash drive on my brand new computer.
    I'm no expert, but it's looking like it corrupted my sound card somehow. I am inprocess of trying to get it fixed, and have narrowed it down to my sound card and have it disabled so that my computer behaves.
    When I have it enabled, none of my system games (like Spider Solitare) respond. They open and then freeze. Windows Media Player does the same thing. And, no sound.
    Anyway, see my thread and see if any of the things I've gotten help with help you.
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