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Use 2 Linksys Routers Together

By Bloo Ice · 31 replies
Mar 26, 2005
  1. Bloo Ice

    Bloo Ice TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 63

    Thank you so much for your help, but earlier tonight I confirmed that the second router is dead. The WAN port on it does not work. It cannot get an IP at all, I even tried plugging it straight into the modem, and many many resets and reboots. I've been posting in the other thread, and in there I said that I tried the switch in the laundry room, with a 2ft patch cable going into the 1st router, and then another patch cable going into my tablet pc, and it did work, meaning I have a problem somewhere between the first router and the second router/switch/computer, depending on what it is hooked up to. Do you know any way that I can diagnose exactly where this problem is? You seem VERY knowledgable about networking.

    Just for kicks, I tried what you said, but it still would not work, again, confirming the 2nd router is dead. But thank you so much!!

    Also, forgot to mention, that I realized I wasn't listening to MSN radio, rather than Choice Radio, but I got to it through the radio button of WMP. It was playing cached songs, because I left it open and it would keep playing the same 4 or 5 over and over and over.
  2. Mr. Nobody!

    Mr. Nobody! TS Rookie

    IF you want to diagnose the second router exactly, configure it as a Single Router, hook it up to your modem (read the following before you do so) let the ISP give you an IP and configure a pc for troubleshooting. If it all works and you can connect to the internet, then its NOT THE ROUTER!!! You must of made a mistake when you configure the two routers. Double check your configuration.

    I have one more idea for that troublesome second router. The way I’ve been telling to configure your router was for a “Cable Modem,” which is a direct connection to your ISP all of the time. You don’t have to “Log In” to your ISP. But this all changes with cretin DSL ISP’s. For example, IF you use a SBC DSL ISP, you will have to “Log On” before you can assess the Internet. After you have log on, you will receive an IP Address from your ISP. This can account for why you WAN Port is not being assign an IP Address (IF THIS ROUTER IS YOUR FIRST ROUTER!). You will have to change the configuration of the WAN Port from “Obtain IP Address Automatically” to “PPPoE,” with this set you will have to fill in your “User Name” and “Password” your ISP gave you. And when you power on you router it will long in for you! AND THEN it will be assigned an “IP Address” to your “WAN Port.”

    Also when you reset your router, every thing that you turn off, will be right back on, and every IP you changed, will be reset backup to default.(you should know that!!). So you said that you reset the router several times, because of this, the router IP will be: and the DHCP Server will also be enabled. So you are going to have go to your TCP/IP Properties in Windows, set it to “Obtain an IP Automatically,” that mean, IP from the DHCP Server enabled on your router. So you will need to reboot your PC, and it will be assigned an IP from the router. Now log on to the router, and turn off DHCP Server and change you IP.

    Tip Of the Day:
    When you change you LAN IP Address from: to: and you click save settings, the Web Page WILL FREZZ, why, because the router is now in a different “Broadcast Domain,” then your Computer, your no longer broadcasting in the Network of: you are now broadcasting in the Network of:, so what you need to do, is reconfigure your pc for a Static IP of After you done that, the router and your pc will now be in the SAME Broadcast Domain. REMEMBER, every time you reset the router, your going to have to do the above, unless you want to use the DHCP Server on the router. You can now access your router.

    So the configuration of your Router will now be:

    WAN Port---PPPoE---IP from ISP

    LAN Port---

    The “Routing Table” will be the same as before.

    Log on to the router and go to the “Status” page and see if the ISP gave you an IP this time, if so, configure your network with what I already gave you!

    BEFOR YOU GO ANY FURTHER, lets PING the IP of you should get 4 replies back, do so for the WAN Port (you’ll have to get this info from the status page) also you should receive 4 replies.

    When you set the WAN Port manually, you must have the IP, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway exactly the way I told you, you also can’t have it out of the IP Address Range, your Host Address can’t be 257, that will be illegal and even though you click on save the setting they wont be, witch will also account for your WAN Port not keeping an IP. Be careful, when you are entering the information!!!

    If it still don’t work, replace the router with a new one or hook that switch you hopefully still got to the router that works and configure your Network Devices.

    Draw a picture of your Network Configuration exactly the way you have it, it will help me see what you might be doing wrong!!!
  3. Bloo Ice

    Bloo Ice TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 63

    My DSL doesn't require a sign in, nor does the IP change. I've had the same IP ever since I signed up, and that has been for several years. I've tried the 2nd router w/o the first one, and it is just junk. It was out in the garage for about a year, through the freezing sub 20degree F temps to the 110+ summer heat. I guess I shouldn't have stored it there.
  4. Prozak

    Prozak TS Rookie

    I have 2 Linksys Wireless routers daisy chained together, you really don't have to go through that much programing to get it to work.

    1st router- Internet port connected to my cable modem via standard 568a
    ethernat cable (RJ-45 connectors)
    -Ports 1-4 are connected to my server and desktops and 2nd
    -Configuration is default dchp ( I configured WAP, and WEP but
    this is optional

    2nd router- Internet port connected to my 1st router via a 568a to 568b
    CROSSOVER cable (RJ-45 connectors)
    -Ports 1-4 are connected to my Laptops when they are close to
    my router
    -Configuration is pretty much default except I think I set the
    router's IP to to be in the range of the DHCP
    of the first router and gate way to (ip of 1st
    router (again WAP and WEP configured optionally)

    I am able to connect to the internet on ether router, and able to ping every IP on the net. I havn't set up my samba server (NFS works though)completely but since I am in the process of building a Linux router/firewall to go in between the 1st router and the wan its on the back burner. Personally I would set up your network like this:

    Wireless Router
    Internet port to DSL modem
    Port 1 to switch on the uplink port(shared with another port usually 5)
    Port 2 to the server
    Enable DHCP (other wise you have to configure every computer)
    though I would set your LAN to what ever range you really need

    Uplink port to port 1 on the router
    Ports 1-4 (assuming port 5 is the uplink)
    The switch should not need any configuring

    If you really want to you can assign IPs but it is not necessary. Just make sure all of them are on the same subnet ie


    computer 1

  5. Bloo Ice

    Bloo Ice TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 63

    Thank you, but I have found out that the problem in my setup is in the wall jack. Even with a computer connected it, the performance is slower, and constantly transferring data, but it never goes anywhere.
  6. Prozak

    Prozak TS Rookie

    Do you need any wiring diagrams/pin outs?
  7. Bloo Ice

    Bloo Ice TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 63

    Don't think so. When I get some time I'll just remove the jack, and tape all the wires back together, blue to blue, green to green, ect ect. Thanks though.
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