Used graphics card prices fall up to 50% as more cryptominers sell their GPUs

Morphine Child

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I'm using a used mining GPU right now. Since it's getting old I'll probably buy something newer soon.

You can get incredibly good deals on those, so good that even if GPU dies 2 years down the line it was a still worthy purchase.


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I have heard that you can get very good deals on refurbished secondhand mining GPUs, or if you refurbish them yourself, but its still a risk. You could get a card that only puts out 40% of its original performance, or you can get one that's more like 80-90%. I wouldn't risk it but if you're on a budget I suppose its an option.
big miners usually used liquid immersion cooling so they dismantled the original fan and heat spreader.
when reselling the gpu, probably they don't attach the heat spreader properly.