User Control Panel Restructuring

By LookinAround
Jun 11, 2011
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  1. I was thinking about another current topic about "Forum Restructuring". That led me to thoughts of perhaps re-organizing TechSpot's "User Control Panel" (UCP) as well for readability, ease-of-use, etc....

    Here's some editorial thoughts suggesting possible changes to UCP one may consider (or ignore :) ) as one sees fit

    Draft proposal for UCP re-org (p.s. Under "Private Messages" category, i include Track with ** as i don't know what track private messages means or how to do it?? - but it's in the original UCP so included it in this re-org'ed version as well)
    [B]User Control Panel[/B]
      [U]My Profile[/U]	
        Edit Details
        Edit Avatar
        Edit Picture
        Edit Signature
        Edit System Specs
       [U]Settings and Options[/U]
        Email And Password
        Ignore List
      [U]Social Networking[/U]
       Contacts & Friends
       Social Groups
      [U]Private Messages[/U]
       Manage Folders
       Create New Message
       Sent Messages
      [U]My Subscriptions[/U]	
       Manage Folders
       List By Folder
       List All
       My Reminders
       My Attachments

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