Users spent 136x more time on Facebook than Google+ in January


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According to the latest data from comScore, Google+ users spent an average of 3.3 minutes per month on the social networking site in January. To put that into perspective, Facebook…

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Personally I spent a total of 3 seconds on Google+ last month, and that was the time between accidentally clicking the Google+ button from a search to closing the tab.

It just seems to be totally deserted, and I'm surprised how many flops Google have come up with lately and how much money they've wasted on them: Chrome OS, Wave, Aardvark to name a few.


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Same here - none of my friends are using it for social interaction, and now that I've switched off all the crud (games, etc) on Facebook (or just ignore it) and use it only for wall updates and the occasional photo upload, there's just no incentive to move.


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While I don't like Facebook that much, switching to a different social platform is a chore. Not that the frequent Facebook UI switches are that much fun.


you are comparing quantity (Facebook) vs. quality (G+)

Facebook is a toy and designed to waste time
I spend about 15-30 mins a day on G+

I notice a lot of intelligent articulate and creative people are on G+


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My problem is that my friends on Facebook don't want to make the switch. I would LOVE to tell Facebook to piss off... but if none of my friends are going to follow me to Google+, then there's no benefit to making the move myself. I liked the idea of Google+; it was something new, something clean, uncluttered and unsullied by ads and it interfaced really nicely with a lot of other Google applications like GoogleTalk. But until Facebook finally pisses everyone off to the point where they don't want to use it anymore, then Google+ will be left by the wayside. That's the only reason it was a flop; the idea wasn't flawed, but putting it into practice was. I wish people would stop sucking on Facebook's teat already.


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Google gonna have to invest on Google+ Games if it were to attract people. Particularly multiplayer with circled friends.