Uses of a network HDD?

By kenwas
Nov 23, 2010
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  1. Hi all the ppl out there

    well we all know that a net drive helps transfer and store data but can it rune programs whith out laging down the host pc ?

    exp ..lets say pc 1 and pc 2 has a boot. pc 2 has a program that is rooted to pc 1.How much will pc 1 lag wen pc 2 use's that root to run its program whiel pc 1 is maxed out memery(ram) use ? also will pc 2 run slower than as if it wer instaled to its self ?

    ty for yer time
  2. Spacekiwi

    Spacekiwi TS Rookie

    I have run World of Warcraft over the network and this is what I have noticed:
    When trying to start the game there will be a longer than usual delay, however once in the game it performs just as normal.
    I have not noticed much effect on the host pc whilst I am doing this however I have not really drained its reasources whilst this is happening
  3. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,138   +985

    This is an infamous networking question:
    In the general sense, this is a bad idea. Accessing networked data is trivial, while accessing and executing a program is frought with problems.

    If the non-local program would run,
    then any paging that was necessary would also occur across the network
    (ie instead of transferring data from memory to HDD @ DMA speeds, you need to transport those pages across the NIC at a limited bandwidth).

    Secondly, any networking errors or retries would not be anticipated by the system A doing the paging, and would misinterpret the error codes and lead to a crash

    The above are issues discovered a decade ago with Sunmicro systems which delivered the
    diskless workstation concept. The smart terminal would even boot from the network
    (ie the PXE option in the BIOS) and run from a central image. It only took ~4-6 diskless system to saturate the network :(
    However, Windows requires the use of the local registry to find all the resources necessary for the X.EXE to operate.
    Windows Server 2xxxx has special support for some programs to do this, but it's not for the average home user to contemplate.
  4. kenwas

    kenwas TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nice..all that info is superb thank you so much..

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