Using a second router as a network extention?

By sabanknight
Aug 13, 2009
  1. I have two routers at my house. My primary one I have set up for gaming and most of our computers are on it. However at the other end of the house we have a second one that our front computer hooks into as well as our house phone and that router hooks back into our main router at the back of the house.

    At current the front router works independently for its IP addresses. My question is can I make that front router only work as an extra four ethernet ports(plus as a wireless booster which is what I mainly use it for with my laptop other router is too far away) without it handing out its own pool of ip addresses and keep it on the same pool as the back ie instead of handing out ip's it would hand out ip's from the main router like
  2. Ididmyc600

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    what your trying to achieve is called "bridging", most routers have a setting for it, mine does and its a belkin (you dont say what makes you have), in your router setup it should have a section for it.

    If so, go to the makers website for the manual on how to set it up.
  3. sabanknight

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    oopse ya they are both linksys but different models I am not sure what they are at this second. so the term is bridging? and that would allow me to make both use the same ip pool?
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