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By jobeard
May 12, 2008
  1. With a good pop3 email client (and sometimes on a good webmail system) there are
    facilities to control email downloaded to your system and if downloaded, to place it
    into subject or correspondent folders -- ie Email Filters.
    I'm using Thunderbird as a pop3 client, but many others will have this facility too.

    Here's my favorite:
    deleting mail from non-U.S domain origins (hint: I'm in S. Calif, U.S.A :) )

    here's what you do:
    1. set criteria as MATCH ALL of the following
    2. then select FROM
    3. doesn't contain
    4. .com
    indicate more criteria (eg [+] on TBird) and add another row just like the above
    and use these one at a time to create six rows of filters and item (3) would be one
    of {.net .com .gov .edu .mil .org }

    Lastly set the ACTION to Delete from POP server, [+] and Delete Message

    (you may want to just move them to a SPAM folder at first to test run and ensure
    you don't trash something you really wanted to receive).

    Teaching your email to trap SPAM:
    Most Spam filters will operate upon the email address of the sender, eg
    fakeuser AT somedomain
    If you mark it as junk or spam, the next time fakeuser AT somedomain sends
    you email you got him! But as the names are computer generated, anything from
    otheruser AT somedomain is not trapped :( so try this
    1. From
    2. Contains (notice, not is )
    3. AT somedomain
    4. Action: Move to Spam
    Now anything from somedomain will be trapped :)

    be advised; it is possible that even the somedomain can be computer generated and thus
    the same spammer can appear as if they came from a totally different location {sigh}
  2. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Posts: 3,908

    Finally read through this man, Great stuff here!

    I have a similar setup and never get spam on my main email address. However, the one provided by my ISP gets multiple spam a day, and whats weird is I never use that one except to receive messages from my ISP

    Edit: I forgot to add that one nice feature of Windows live is to right click a junk email and you can select add senders domain to blocked list
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