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By Mac29
Sep 13, 2015
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  1. I ran OCCT (ver 4.4.1), just the GPU test, yesterday for 15 min, and then today for 1 hr to test a used card. Yesterday a folder appeared on the desktop after the test w/held subfolders with files. Today nada. Can't find any folder anywhere with the files from the test. Baffling.

    Also, monitoring temps using HWMonitor showed my GPU temp hovered near 33 degrees and in OCCT I didn't notice fps go over 11 the entire 1 hr. I think the settings I used are fine. Box checked for error check, shaders at 6, mem used the full 1024 MB, FPS is auto set for 60 and full screen is not checked.

    Can anyone explain why I can't find results and/or how to use OCCT? Their website (and forum) have been offline for 'maintenance' for days (and I've surfed all over). I'll try Heaven next but really want to run the vram test OCCT includes.



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