Valve could be working on a new Steam Controller


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Bottom line: A recently published patent from Valve details a revised Steam Controller design with interchangeable parts on the front and back for added customization. Although the development doesn't guarantee the arrival of a new model, it does reveal the company's internal efforts with the hardware in what could potentially become the Steam Controller 2.0.

The Steam Controller wasn't exactly the huge success that Valve (and gamers) hoped it would be, and was ultimately discontinued in late 2019 after being on the market for nearly four years. There is, however, the possibility of a second attempt from Valve with an updated version that features swappable parts like those found on the Xbox Elite controller.

Microsoft's handheld design has arguably become somewhat of an industry trendsetter, with Sony's upcoming DualSense controller strongly resembling the fang-like grip handles of its counterpart and Valve borrowing the idea of using interchangeable components for added customization.

Although the patent was filed in late 2018 when Steam Controllers were still being made, it was published only last month and reveals some of the interesting abilities of an updated model that Valve has possibly had in the works for resurrecting the gadget.

While the new version still looks decidedly like a Steam Controller in the patent drawings, the description suggests that in addition to swapping the joystick for a D-pad, users will also be able to customize the controller's trackpad and rear paddles to suit their gaming needs, with software that will detect the type of input and communicate with "a gaming application or platform" for recommending compatible games for the installed accessory.

The idea seemingly builds on the original's vast mod potential as well, and Valve's second iteration - if it ever comes - could pack a host of meaningful improvements that gamers can truly appreciate this time around.

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I thought the whole steam link thing was dead.

I got it, with the controller, and the controller was so bad, I never used it. The touch pad things were IMO awful. Who was able to use it to get it through to production?
And using a PS4 controller with the steam link was too much effort if I remember rightly.
And my Xbox One controller that should have been so PC friendly, drifted upwards and was therefore also useless.

I would love to have the ability to armchair game, but finding a controller I am happy with has been impossible. Here is Good Luck for the new controller. It will need it.


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I still prefer my M+K, but if I'm going to game in bed you bet your *** I'm still using my old link box and Steam Controller. It's far from perfect, but if you spend the time tinkering with the settings it can become a very powerful HTPC controller.

I would like to see quieter buttons and trackpads on the new device (use new VIVE touchpads). That's my biggest gripe with the controller overall.


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If they made the areas where the trackpads are modular, so that you only needed one to support both left and right-handed players, that would change everything. Having a mouse-like control surface under your thumb is nice but you need an 8-way d-pad on the other side to better support a lot of games. Ideally everything on top would be modular. You'd have modules for a trackpad, joystick, quad buttons and d-pad. You could even forego a directional control or trackpad to get an extra 4 buttons.


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So what? Still the same basic knuckle busting shape. Uncomfortable as can be.
I find it more comfortable than the PS4 controller and a slightly better fit for my shovel like hands than the X-box controller (yes I have all three types) . Only problem is lack of support outside of the steam ecosystem - so you need to link all non-steam games' exe files through Steam to get it to work. The ABXY buttons could do with being a little bigger and less mushy (but mushy seems to be a standard on all controllers - what ever happened to micro-switches?)