Various laptop errors with Windows 7

  1. I own a TOSHIBA Satellite C650D laptop with Windows 7 and just recently a minor problem arose with it. Usually, when I hold down the FN key, the available functions that correlate with the "F" keys appear at the top of the screen. However, that bar doesn't appear anymore. I do know that the FN key still works, though, because I am able to adjust my computer's volume with it(FN+3 lowers it; FN+4 raises it). I'm just not really sure why it only works for volume and no longer causes the pop up to happen.

    Additionally, my mouse pad's scrolling feature has seemingly been disabled. I discovered this the same time that I realized the FN key was acting up. I can't drag my finger along the right side or bottom of the mouse pad to scroll through pages.

    I also just realized that Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't prompt the Task Manager to appear. I am still able to go to Run->taskmgr and it pops up, but no combination of my keyboard's Crtl+Alt+Del will open the Task Manager. Ctrl still works, however, because I am able to open up new tabs in my browser with it.

    Wait, I'm not done yet hahah this is the last problem I have come across. The Shutdown button in my Start Menu doesn't respond. I can click on it but nothing happens. I can still shut it down by clicking on Hibernate, and I'm pretty sure that doing Run-> shutdown -s -t **** will still work.

    Hopefully I'll be able to find some help here! I'm sure (and hoping) that this is just a quick fix in the Control Panel that I'm just unaware of. I'm able to bypass all of these annoyances, but I still would rather not have to.

    Thank you everyone!

    P.S. I ran a full system scan with Norton and McAFee and both said my computer was clean.
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    I hope you don't have both Norton and McAfee antivirus installed at the same time... Each of these programs separately, can easily "corrupt" Windows. If you have the option of reloading the OS fresh, I would recommend that you do this. Go with a free temp file cleaner and a free program like Microsoft Security Essentials to protect next time

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