Verizon backtracks, will restore Chromebook Pixel owners' free LTE service

Himanshu Arora

TS Addict
Just a few days after it came to light that Verizon had prematurely terminated the two-year free data plan that came along with the 4G LTE version of Google's Chromebook Pixel laptop, the company has announced that it will work...

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TS Evangelist
If I wore a tin foil hat, I'd probably say that this move by Verizon to prematurely cut off remaining one year of free LTE service and restoring it is just a 'marketing gimmick' by Verizon and google.


I don't agree with you misor.
I think the large corporations have/had people in charge who've been dropped on their heads during birth; and that's why chaos is abound. Similar Un-thought-through decisions have been making waives just this past year.