Verizon Blackberry Pearl Activating

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So I have a Blackberry Pearl Verizon phone. And I want to activate it, now if I go to activating it on it works, however, it asks me to choose and option of "Email and Web Acess - $29.99" or "Unlimited Data Usage - $44.99". And it won't let me choose any other option. I don't NEED or want either of those options. I just want to use the phone on my current settings, with my minutes and 5000 txt messages.

Is there another way to activate the phone or somehow get around this?


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Ummmm.. Why not just call verizon and get it straightened out?

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But will add, i do know Verizon doesn't allow ANY web access or email with their standard plans that include minutes and text messages. (They used to until their network upgrade about two year ago)
Hey, i have the same issue... i recently picked up a Verizon BB Pearl and when activating online it game me the two options... same exact issue, i don't need any of the extra options... is there any way to either trick verizon or activate it?
did you ever find a solution?
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