Verizon may command a lower price in Yahoo deal (or pull out completely)

Shawn Knight

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Verizon in light of Yahoo’s latest hacking disclosure is reportedly looking for a discount or even a way out of its pending acquisition of the Internet pioneer.

Share value in Yahoo is down well over four percent as of writing.

Yesterday’s breach is the second major security issue that Yahoo has disclosed in recent months. Back in September, the company said that at least 500,000 accounts were stolen from its network in late 2014 in what the company said might have been a state-sponsored attack.

Verizon less than a month later said that breach may trigger a clause in its acquisition agreement that could allow the company to back out of the $4.83 billion deal. Now, with news of a second breach impacting more than a billion user accounts from 2013 on the table, Verizon is in an even better position to try and talk the price down.

At this point, however, it would be understandable if Verizon decided to simply walk away.

In case you missed it, Yahoo said on Wednesday that an August 2013 hack may have compromised names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and hashed passwords as well as encrypted and / or unencrypted security questions and answers.

Those affected by the latest breach are being required to change their passwords. Furthermore, Yahoo has invalidated associated security questions and answers so they can’t be used to gain access to an account.

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Yahoo been around since 1994, it's one of the oldest emails free service online. I didn't join that until 1995. My account has so max out the email counter but I don't use that account. Those who like to scam and etc. online uses Yahoo because it's easier. They at Yahoo need to take the the older system and revamp it so that it's more secure. I see they're not learning from their prior issues.


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I remember my sister's yahoo account was hacked. It was a main account. Important emails like flight itinerary, job letters from foreign ministry, social accounts and letters from embassy are in that email. She asked for help right away. We used their recovery system and we managed to recover it and even change right away the security questions. The bad thing is the hacker keeps on getting the account even when password and security questions are changed. I found out that day a loophole that the hacker can revert the security questions by doing 2 steps. When I saw the loophole, I pleaded to the hacker to spare my sister. That hacker stopped after my email. I did not send yahoo the flaw I found out instead asked everyone in the family to move to gmail. That was 5 years ago. It was a nightmare for the whole family. I always tell them to make a secondary account for promotions, forums etc and do not give out the primary account.

Happy surfing folks!