Very annoying problem, please help

By darkeyesabove
Jun 6, 2010
  1. I bought an asus g72gx from best buy a few months ago, and I have had virtually no problems with it until just recently. For whatever reason when I shut the laptop instead of going into sleep mode it just seemed to stay on, the little blue light on the case instead of pulsing just stayed on. The problem occurred when I reopened it, the screen was gray and the computer was completely locked up, absolutely nothing. So I just did a hard restart but when I rebooted it got to the windows 7 loading screen and then just crashed and then after it crashed the screen went to the same gray where only the backlight was on. I tried again rebooting and this time the screen came on for the asus startup screen then it just went gray. I attempted to reboot again and the screen just stayed gray only the backlight coming on. I connected it to an external monitor and did a system restore which fixed whatever caused the crash and everything now works fine, only problem is that my lcd screen doesn't work all I have is a backlight. I turn it on and I hear the little explosion thing but gray screen and then I switch to my external. I disassembled this thing and checked every single connection to the screen, the graphics card, the lcd inverter and all that stuff, but for some reason only the backlight will come on. Can anybody give me any ideas to get this thing to work?
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