Very low Frame Rate when playing WoW

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I've been playing WOW for some time now but since 2 days ago, after I reset my PC, I noticed that the game became so slow :( Although the latency is just around 200-245 ms the frame rate dropped to 2-8 fps!! Will anyone help me out what to to on this matter please? My PC's info as follows:

Product Name: Aspire X1700
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic , Service Pack 1
Chipset: NVIDIA MCP73

Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz
Cores: 2
L1 Cache: Data Cache 32 KB x 2
Execution Trace Cache 32 KB x 2
L2 Cache: 2 MB

System Memory: 4096 MB
Current Memory Size: 4096 MB
Supported Maximum Memory Size: 16384 MB
Memory Type: DDR2
Slot 1 Installed Size: 2048 MB
Slot 2 Installed Size: 2048 MB
Total Available Graphics Memory: 1791 MB

Hard Drive: Hitachi HDT721032SLA SCSI Disk Device, 298.09 GB
Generic- Compact Flash USB Device, 0 Bytes
Generic- SM/xD/SD/MMC/MS USB Device, 0 Bytes

Video Device Name: NVIDIA GeForce G100
Total Available Graphics Memory: 1791 MB
Dedicated Video Memory: 512 MB
Shared System Memory: 1279 MB
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Color Quality: 32 bit

Audio Device: Realtek High Definition Audio

Network: NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
BIOS Version: R01-B4
BIOS Release Date: 02/26/2009

I'm not sure if the info is enough but I do hope I can get some answers in here. Thank you!!!


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Get a better graphics card, the one that came with it is like Onboard graphics. You have PCI-e x16 slot type. Go to and pick one out that fits your budget and gaming needs.


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like teklord said get a video card in that bad boy and all will be good :) also try turning down all the graphics settings in the game that will help alot especially if you have shadows on trust me. hmmm so that is a video card its just made to do HD video basically and that s it might look into getting a new video card man.


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he said it worked fine before so i dont think thats the problem.
it might be that you changed the settings, try lowering the settings on WoW
but to tell you the truth i dont have a clue


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Reset your PC you said, what do you mean exactly?

Not sure how it's done, but I'd try shutting OFF the shared memory and just use the built in 512 megs you listed for video.
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