Very low wireless signal. Can't access any sites that require a log in

By knowlesey1988 · 4 replies
Nov 13, 2009
  1. Right, I had a wireless router worked ok but dropped signal once a month, which seems to be the norm with routers I buy. The other day the router just stopped working, after searching forums seems that was normal for that type of router, which just sums my luck up, so I spent a bit of time looking into routers and prices to find a good one. I found a router and waited for the sales and got it cheap now I have set it up looks like a good router, just it gives me real low speed and connection right next to the router the speed is 1-2 bar max, on the router it has a speed meter which shows me the speed which the router gives out and that only ever goes up to 2 bar max then drops straight back to 1. I can pick my wireless signal up three houses down the road and it is still 1-2 bar which makes me think I haven’t got it in the wrong position or anything, seems to be working fine just its receiving a very bad signal but, I don’t know where to start my knowledge of these things are very minimal, the router is a belkin N+ F5D8235 V200UK. Another problem I am having on the laptop is I cannot access any sites that require a log in, facebook, hotmail, Halifax, etc. I also can’t access the online technical support which these devices offer, so am pretty stuck.
    Any help would be a big plus and I thank you in advance.
    Also if you require any more information just ask and I'll reply as quick as possible.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Belkin run a 24hr support line, i would start there first, from the sound of it your router isnt working right,

    The good side of Belkin is there equipment has a lifetime warranty.

    heres the phone number

    0845 607 7787
  3. knowlesey1988

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    All Fixed, Very Happy with Belkin.

    It's all good belkin internet support was really good, fixed it very quickly, also advised me on my other problem, even though it had nothing to do with there router. It turns out it was a problem with internet explorer, so I downloaded firefox everything is working fine. My old router was linksys, I was told they were a real good company and was told belkin were a '2nd rate company' but, unlike linksys they fixed my problems, the router looks better, has the best wireless range I have witnessed and not once have I lost connection, which the linksys always did. Overall I’m pleased with my purchase and would recommend.

    Thanks for your help Ididmyc600.
  4. Ididmyc600

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    your welcome, i had a problem with my belkin where i had somehow stuffed the firmware up on it, the chap on the phone gave me the link to the correct FW and it was fixed in 5 minutes.

    I'll stick with Belkin...
  5. fw2004

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    Didn't you know that the real name for Linksys is Stinksys?
    And now they're a subsidiary of Cisco! Imagine that. Is Cisco selling out, or what?

    I had nothing but trouble with just about every Linksys product I ever purchased.
    I had a router that kept failing; had two replacements, and over a period of about three years, all went dead.
    I now have two D-Link routers (older models, DI-724U and DI-624) and they have been working fine for years.

    What turned out to be the problem with your setup?
    I was suspecting an encryption problem.

    That said, I have never been very happy with wireless. Even with the D-Link's "Air Plus Extreme" which only works when you have D-Link routers and D-Link adapter cards, the range is spotty.
    I had the first router in a downstairs room, but had trouble getting the signal upstairs, so I installed a second router in a different downstairs room.
    That improved things to the point I could get a reliable signal upstairs - most of the time, but it still dropped out periodically.

    I ended up running cable through the walls and shutting off the radios. Much more reliable, but I do understand that there are lots of situations where you need wireless.
    So I still have the wireless available when I need it, but for the desktop systems I am hard-wired.

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