Vga cable. How many configurations are there?

By ghbgeo
Dec 17, 2014
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  1. I am trying to connect my laptop with an external monitor through vga.
    The good thing is that all VGA cables work.
    And by work I mean I see image on the external screen.
    I have noticed something else.
    On 3 (15 pin) of the cables I bought I found out that pins 6 7 and 8 are interconnected (short circuited)
    On an another 14 pin cable (pin 9 is missing) non of the pins are interconnected.
    How does that affects anything?
    Well if I install the 14 pin cable my external monitor is recognized for what it is. (LG l226.... bla bla)
    Also from within the Intel graphics control panel I am able to access many of the monitor features such as brightness contrast etc. And I am not talking about the emulated gpu features. I am talking about native monitor settings as if I was controlling them from the screen menu.
    Now if I install the other cables (15 pin , pins 6,7 ,8 connected) my monitor is recognized as generic non pnp monitor and non of these functions are available. PLUS when I turn my laptop off screen does not go into power saving mode but stays on complaining about signal error.
    I searched around and found ...a number of diagrams and pin configurations. It seems that the standard vga cable is nothing but standard. I also run into posts of people with similar problems.
    Can someone provide a short explanation? Why not all vga cables are the same?
    And in my case how do I know what cable to use. So far I ordered 3 from e-bay and all came with pins 6 7 and 8 connected. They work but not with the extra features and that is somehow an inconvenience.

    My Monitor is Lg Flatron L226QTQ-SF
    And the laptop is Samsung NP300V5A- S03GR.

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