VGA to HDTV on X1400

By Kebtiz
Sep 5, 2008
  1. Video Card: ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 @ 256mb
    Monitor (connection used):VGA to HDTV

    My TV is a 40" Sony Bravia 1080p TV, product number is KDL-40V2500, it's a few year old model.

    I had a VGA monitor cable not long ago and I could plug it into my TV and computer and have my screen running with flawless picture at 1920x1080 or 1280x720 resolution within minutes.

    I some how missplaced my cord while moving (it was an older cord, just took it off my old 19" tube monitor in the basement, which could only support up to 1280x1024 resolution, the old cord had 15 pins) so I decided to head to Wal-Mart and pick up a new one, the cord they had there was a 6' Belkin "High-Integrity" SVGA Monitor Cable HDDB15 Male/HDDB15 Male with 14 pins (all the pictures on the box and descriptions were 15 pins).

    I started off hooking both ends up. Immediately I was having troubles, the HD options for resolution were not appearing in my Catalyst Control Center, the HD boxes in monitor options were both clicked 720x60 and 1080x30.
    So I forced the resolution in the set max resolution, here is a list of the resolutions I tried and the results:
    1920x1080 - black screen with the message "Unsupported signal, Adjust your PC output".
    1280x720 - black screen with the message "Unsupported signal, Adjust your PC output".
    1600x1200 - Worked fine, scaled to fit with good amounts of black on both sides.
    1440x1050 - worked fine, scale to fit with good amounts of black on both sides.
    1280x1024 - worked fine, scale to fit with good amounts of black on both sides.
    1440x900 - Originally it worked fine aside from the "Unsupported signal, Adjust your PC output" message, scaled it a bit to make 16:10 fit 16:9 but was not noticeable. But then one time I tried it with cloned monitors up both screens went black (still had "unsupported signal" message, and after approximately 20-30 seconds I got a blue screen that said something along the lines of Error detected with Ati2dvag, it said it could be driver or hardware issue and told me if it was the first time to restart.
    So I restarted (SVGA still plugged in) same error message either after logging in or before login screen I don't recall.
    Then I ran the video error tests in windows boot setup and tried again, error message again.
    Then I decided to unplug SVGA cord, and Windows booted right up worked fine, could set all my usual resolutions and such.
    I then changed my monitor options around plugged it in and all the non-widescreen options worked fine still, tried 1080 and 720 same results as before, tried 1440x900 and got the same results as the first time, good pictures with unsupported in the corner. Then I tried a smaller wide screen, 1280x768 I believe and got black screen same as 16:9 HD resolutions, so I switched back to 1440x900 hoping I could change some things around and get a supported format, and back to another 20-30 seconds of black then blue screen error message.

    So I took that cord back and picked up a direct VGA to Component cable

    I got a direct cable because my video card specs read: YPrPb component output for direct drive of HDTV displays (from ATI Website)

    I hooked it up and absolutely nothing happened, can't even get the screen to blip a little bit when I change resolution, just black.

    If anyone has any links or ideas I'd love to read them.
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