Via chips coming to Android-based sub-$200 tablets this year

By Matthew ยท 5 replies
May 25, 2010
  1. With honchos like the iPad raking in $500+ a pop, the market could certainly use more low-cost options, and Via says a handful of devices will step up to the plate this year. The Taiwanese company expects its chips to ship in several sub-$200 slates before the year is up.

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  2. This is the future, but its not quite here yet.

    Right now I want an easy way to print wirelessly from a pad/slate, an xtra USB slot or two, and more normal productivity apps like an MS Office version and yes it would be cool to use Painter with my finger tips. I also want to be able to adjust that virtual keyboard into something like a split keyboard, you know to avoid caper tunnel syndrome, etc. I don't need 6 apps running at once but 2-3 should be allowed.

    Simply put I want more than a media consumption device, I want something that will help me with my productivity too in the size of an iPad. If it comes close to taking the place of a netbook, and its not something to just run movies and ebooks on then I will buy one.
  3. Tekkaraiden

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    Availability since via based products are very hard to find in Canada.
  4. tipstir

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    Smart Pad or Smart View so smart you tell it what to do and it does it. Have full touch, scroll you name it and cost less than $400 bucks. Games, movies, HD TV and etc.. fine but I need more features with 10 hour battery and less than 1 hour to charge it. Netbook okay though I don't know what the heck they were thinking with 1024x600 VIS, nuts..
  5. I just want something to read ebooks with, but everything is way too expensive. This looks like a step in the right direction, but really I don't need all the functionality. Right now all ebook readers are $200 and up, but under $100 seems more reasonable. I'd like it if they made more segments in this market.
  6. Wagan8r

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    It will take a good Tegra II tablet to get me to jump on the bandwagon. I would personally prefer an actual table PC and not just a tablet device.
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