VIA intros $49 Android-based PC, launching in July

Shawn Knight

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VIA Technologies has been in the business of manufacturing inexpensive computers ever since they acquired a majority of microprocessor developer Cyrix in the late 90s. When the latest tiny PC...

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Looks like a test board to me, but without expansion ports.I really would like an ARM v8 solution with more graphic muscle and some expansion, eventually wireless on board.


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Definitely an interesting little gadget. I'll probably end up getting one, that way my Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards have a new playmate.

I kinda like the thought that I may be able to leverage the Android marketplace... Guess we'll see how it develops.


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Oh cool it's ATX compatible. Wow that thing rocks, gonna get the Cosmos II computer case and install this into it :D


Only 512MB ram? My phone has more. Make it 2-4Gb and/or expandable and then there will be more interest. Also more storage options than uSD, there is no excuse for lack of expandability if they're designing it to fit into a mitx or uatx case.


These don't require a lot of RAM. Its more comparable to an android phone than ChromeOS, by way of comparison.