Displays Vid Card with high enough refresh rate for 64-inch screen?

I can disply my Apple MacBook Pro on my 64-inch TV screen. But the MB Pro has refresh only to 60 Hz. On the big screen this causes very noticeable flicker. What computer box or video card would I need to produce a disply on 64-inch at high enough refresh rate? (not sure what will be high enough). (Am using HDMI of course).

Thanks very much for any help! :)


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60Hz is the standard for pretty much all displays so yeah, check your connections, cables, display drivers and software.

p.s. physical screen size is irrelevant, it's the resolution that matters.


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For starters, if this is a macbook pro, you cant change any components on it. Depending on which version it is, it probably has an NVidia card inside. If your getting a flicker using the HDMI cord, you need to go into NVidia Control Panel and change the settings to match the monitor/TV. I dont have my NVidia laptop near me at the moment so I cant check where it is off the top of my head, but thats where you need to start.