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Video card compatibility Intel, DirectX 8.1-9.0

By bnewcol ยท 9 replies
Aug 13, 2010
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  1. Hello
    I bought a game to play (Treasure Island c2009) and after installation, went to start it and had an error message regarding "shader obsolete" issues and the game will not start at all. I emailed the game creators (Dreamcatcher) and they say I need a directx 8.1 compatible video card. On the game box, it says Directx 9.0 compatible. I have a Dell Inspiron 530 with 2038 mb RAM and have played newer games than this one. I did the "run" thing to find out the version I have. I have an Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset. It says I have Directx 9.0. On the "directx" tab of info, on the day I loaded the game, all these new "microsoft.directx.direct3D.dll" files were installed. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times and still get the shader error message. The game creator says my video card is not compatible. Is this true? Is there a magic list somewhere that says what my video card is compatible with? I am not a techie (I know a little about some things) so if you could speak to me like I'm five years old, that would be great! Well...maybe 12 years old. Thank you ahead of time. I should also add that the driver is dated 1/13/10 for the Intel thing. And I have Windows XP. Here are the game specs: * Windows 2000/XP
    * Intel Pentium 1.4 GHz
    * 1.5 GB RAM
    * 15 GB Free hard drive space
    * 64 MB DirectX 9 Compatible Video Card
    * 16-bit DirectX Compatible
    * 16x CD/DVD-ROM
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 6,908   +10

    Have you tried uninstalling DirectX 9.0 and installing DirectX 8.0?
    I don't know if this works, but I have heard of the problem before... One would think the upgrade to 9.0 would work... and if a recent card since 2006, why wouldn't it work.
  3. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 14,502   +3,696

    When you say "Treasure Island >> c2009 << Is that part of the title, or when the game was produced? Direct X versions are intended to be backwards compatible. Which version Intel integrated graphics do you have, GMA4500?
  4. bnewcol

    bnewcol TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I read somewhere that Direct x was not backwards compatible....have not tried uninstalling 9 and installing 8.1 because i didn't want to screw up anything else in my computer that may need 9 just for the game.
    the "c2009" is not part of the title, so I guess i don't know when it was made. It isn't that new "Destination: Treasure Island", that is why I put that in there.
    How do I tell which version of Intel graphics I have is? It says Intel G33/G31 express chipset, that is what I thought was the version title, is there something else I should be looking for?
  5. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,323   +592

    No need to uninstall DirectX 9 and install 8.1. If you have DirectX 9, it will run 8.1 applications.

    Download and run GPU-Z and it will tell you about your graphics.
  6. bnewcol

    bnewcol TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK, so if I have Directx 9, then is the Intel card the problem if the game won't work and I am getting the "nd3d9 shader failed to load" message? If so, is there a workaround for these kind of things (without buying a new video card), like play in Windows 98 compatible mode or something?
  7. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 14,502   +3,696

    No, the "Video Chipset" carries a separate number. On your board it is probably, "GMA 3100".

    Here's a spec page on a typical G31 motherboard; http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128357

    How far back is the game's claim to compatibility, Windows, '95, 2000, ME? If the game is specifying DX-8, it's getting on in years. Since DX-9 has been around for at least 5, probably more.

    Since your game is asking for a "64MB video card", GMA 3100 should run it. Intel integrated video from 915 on will run lower spec games successfully. IE Flight Simulator 2004, or M$ Train Simulator.

    I have seen older games that simply do really goofy things under XP, had to heave a few. Your recount on the difference between the box's requirements and the CD requirements, sort of makes me think that the only "update" that was ever applied was the box text. I have older games that ask for DX 8.1 but run simply fine on XP and DX-9. With that being said, I never even considered installing the older DX-8, too much other software is designed for DX-9. There's a pot luck factor involved with old software. FS2004 and M$ Train Simulator will both run under Windows 7. I think M$ knows things they're not telling other software houses.
  8. bnewcol

    bnewcol TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Where do I find the Intel video chipset number, that GMA number, is it on properties tab? I won't open up the computer to look at the board, I would have no idea where to be looking.
  9. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 14,502   +3,696

    Actually I tried to track down the GMA number on the board I'm using (Intel G41) and couldn't! :confused: No matter, GMA 4500 is the adapter with this chipset, as GMA 3100 is the standard with your G31. It's sort of a moot point, and I have some misgivings about bringing it up.

    To get back on topic, you really shouldn't have to remove DX-9 and install DX-8. If you do this, you will likely do more harm than good.

    As I said earlier, the "new" specs on the box may just be a bunch of BS, put there to get rid of old stock. If other games that you have are running correctly, then it stands to reason that the fault lies in the game itself. If it's calling for DX-8, it may never have actually been written for XP, it may have worked on an early version of XP, before any service packs. As I also said earlier, many games written for Win 2K and before will run on XP, and some will not. I have had to throw away old games because they simply wouldn't run on XP.

    I wouldn't tamper with a decent working computer, to humor some ancient piece of software, that's just me. Maybe I'm a quitter. But still, I've seen games sold by Best Buy, that never worked, and once up open them, you can't return them. I wonder if their CS rep actually put that game where I suggested, I can but hope.

    I'm sort of convinced that, "c2009" is when the box was copyrighted, it certainly wasn't the date of the game

    Perhaps another member will have a better suggestion.
  10. bnewcol

    bnewcol TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That is a good answer! I think this game will go into the circular file. Too bad, it's hard to find a game that I think I will enjoy - no violence or adult themes, no vampires or witches, and no hidden object stuff, just a good adventure/strategy game. I've done all the Nancy Drew games and Syberia and comb the internet for like things and thought this one would do it. I do have a feeling it is an old game....back to the research! And thank you for your help!!!

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