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By mlmassie
Jan 18, 2013
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  1. Helllo, I' ve had a problem with my video card (radeon 4850) getting bluescreen randomly when I watch movies(netflix), view various web pages,(chrome) recently. I get the atikmpag message on the bluescreen. I have reinstalled and uninstalled the drivers quite a few times and still having the problem, the drivers are up to date. I think the problem might be the vision ccc. I don't know a work around solution. anyone have any ideas? thanks. mlmassie p.s. I am running win7 64 bit
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  3. mlmassie

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    Thanks for your reply , I do not have another ati card to change out. I do have a geforce 6600 but I really don't want to switch to that if I don't have to. I have not had any problems with this build for about 3-4 yrs. I did change to the latest drivers(12.6) but that did not solve the problem. right now I'm running 12.4 which is the same drivers that I've had since they came out. when this started I used drivesweeper to uninstall the drivers.
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    "When this started I used driversweeper to uninstall the drivers"... This tells me that when using driver sweeper, you deleted some important video driver files in the process. It is your choice not to do what I suggested, But I strongly suggest that you try to use the auto update feature from the link I provided. Nvidia driver updates automatically remove the older driver before the new driver is installed. I hope AMD does this now. I recommend using driversweeper as a last resort. It is too easy to delete critical files

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