Video card problem

By soulburn2k5
Jan 26, 2009
  1. hi i'm new here, i hacve a problem with my computer, i'll give you my specs first

    intel 845 motherboard
    pentium 4 2.4Ghz
    1200MB ram
    radeon 9800xt graphics card

    ok the problem is i recently formatted my hard drive to speed my computer up a bit with a fresh install of windows, upon doing so i reinstalled the drivers and everything, windows updates etc etc, but now i find that my agp support for some reason is disabled when i try to instal any radeon drivers through the main interface thingy i.e by using the setup, if i uninstal the drivers restart and let it instal with the auto detect thingy, i get agp and direct 3d support but no real driver so i cant play games, or any 3d application i run is kind of corrupted, has really stretched textures or missing ones, things like that, i have no idea what is wrong, i've opened the case and made sure everything was connected properly. i am really stuck here, any help would be great
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    Click here to look for the drivers for your make/model computer from system manufacturer.

    nstall the chipset drivers before video
  3. soulburn2k5

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    i didnt do that at first i kinda forgot but then i uninstalled the graphics card and installed the agp drivers or motherboard drivers and i still get the same problem, also forgot to mention that there is a small amount of corruption both in the bios screen and at the windows loading screen (windows is loading please wait) the corruption is in the form of small vertical lines dotted randomly around the screen, but always in the same places. also when i install the card driver it tries to test the gart or whatever then stops responding.
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