Video from stored files appearing pixelated

By coolgomzicj
Apr 16, 2011
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  1. since most of the games that i used to install ran too slowly, i tried using Gamebooster 2.2 for optimizing performance while gaming.

    After the 1st try, when i switched back to normal mode (from gaming mode), all my video files are appearing in- what i think is- low resolution. The BR rips especially are appearing too thatched/pixelated and also a little burnt. I have attached a few images to help visualize what's happening.

    I tried restarting the system, changing the monitor settings and reinstalling the graphic drivers. Nothing worked. What could be the issue? I suspect the gamebooster software to be the culprit as this started only after i ran the s/w but i cannot find anything that has been tweaked.

    Please help
    Any inputs will be appreciated

    my system specs are:

    Intel dual core @ 1.60GHz desktop
    NVIDIA GeForce 7100 GS 512 MB graphics card
    1+1 gb ddr2 sdram
    Microsoft Windows XP professional SE
    Seagate 160 gb SATA hd

    P.S.:- All other graphics are perfectly alright. Even the youtube videos run perfectly.

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